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October 5, 2012
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Well, this took forever enough to finish. Sorry everybody, but a month long study trip, a new job, a return to school, and a re-introduction to anime has caused progress on this game to slow. But finally, it is complete.

I suppose at least a few of you are wondering something along the lines of "Shroobs? Why are you using those things from that one Mario game?" Well, for a few reasons:

1. I can't draw, so what I can use is fairly limited.
2. Of the things I have access to, very few would make sense in space. I can't just put a bubble on a background pony and call him an astro-pony.
3. There are a lot of different Shroobs I can use for doing different things.
4. I wanted to do something crossovery after "DeDeDe Invades Equestria" turned out being not worth it.

I would also like to apologize for the cut-scenes. They're my attempt at being funny, but the skip option is there for a reason.

I realize that "V" is a rather odd button to use, but Stencyl refused to let the Space button work properly.

Special thanks to Quix for supplying a lot of the background music for this game.

Also, if anybody is interested in helping me art-wise with my games (Character animations, mostly), I would very much appreciate anybody willing to let a hoof.

As for the credits:

Quix-Assembly Line
Quix-Mindless Wreck of the Forgotten Rarity in Space
Mario Party 2-Space Land
M&L: SS-Boss Music
M&L: PiT-Boss Music
Various Sounds from various Mario games.
Also some Pokemon Yellow Sounds

Desktop Ponies-Luna
Mageker- Dr. Shroob, Fire Shroob, Shroob-Raccoon Thing,
Boo Mansion- UFO, Shroob Soldier
Hedgefox-Shroob Queen

If I used something of yours and didn't credit you, please let me know. A lot of stuff I just got from Google Images.
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